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Auditions is the first episode of ORG Idol.

On April 5, 2014, auditions for the ORG Idol started via an announcement in the Survivor ORG Wiki Facebook Group. Hopefuls were asked to send their audition samples, which were reviewed by the judges: Ash, Richie, and Szymon. The judges then chose 18 contestants who advanced to London week.



Song: Pompeii
Judges' Comments:

  • Richie - LOL! Oh Ahad. Such an Ahad audition <3. But in all seriousness, you can clearly sing, but I wasn't convinced you put much effort into showing us this!! I have mixed feelings all in all... XD


Song: Demon
Judges' Comments:

  • Richie - Holy Shit @ the suggested videos once this one ended O_O I thought it was very good! It was perfect but you were very confident and you sang the song your own way which I liked. So good job!


Song: Royals
Judges' Comments:

  • Richie - LORDE! I mean Zanna Boo! Great song! Very kiwi. Much impress! Your voice is very good - the biggest weakness to this was maybe sound quality and getting the right about of volume between the music and your voice. Also you cleared your throat a lot, I don't know if you noticed, but it happened enough that I did XD Still I liked this audition a lot and I you have a strong voice.


Song: Don't Rain on My Parade
Judges' Comments:

  • Richie - This song had so much energy that at the time I worried that Chandni wasn't able to keep up with it! It was so fast! But she did such a good job and i really enjoyed listening to this. Shame about not being able to make the final note at the end but I'm glad she let it die off rather than try and fail miserably. I would love to hear her sing something a little bit slower so she can let her voice really take control of the music rather than the other way around.
  • Szymon - OMG YASSS such a dynamic and hard song. Its fast and enjoyable. Chandni did great job, even tho sometimes she went too far, of left behind the music. But I'm so glad she decided to pick song like that, cuz i was expecting from her exactly something slow, like a song to listen before going to bed. She isn't afraid of new challenges, and i definitly would love to hear her singing again.


Song: I'm Yours
Judges' Comments:

  • Richie - I think my biggest complaint was just slightly bad audio quality. But I think through the crackle I could make out a distinct and lovely voice. So I would like to hear more of it! Oh, and I reckon she could pick a song that shows off her voice much better!
  • Ash - Charley could've picked a better song, but she did a good job with this one. Audio was (but then again, my computer has the same problem) but you could still hear her voice through it and she sounded awesome. <3


Song: Wrecking Ball
Judges' Comments:

  • Richie - Holy. Shit. ;-; These people keep shocking me so much. When I saw what song he had chosen, I practically rolled my eyes. I don't really like the song, but also I feel like its such an easy song to sing terribly! But Eden did such a good job! There were some mistakes, but its blatantly obvious that he can sing really well, and his voice sounds like it could really belt out some powerful lyrics. So exciting to see what else he can do! much wow! :D
  • Szymon - Omg first of all congrats to Eden for big courage to pick this song XD Maybe it wasn't like Miley, but i really enjoyed it. I mean its not a easy song for a guy, and he did pretty good job, hes voice is understandable and you can feel a lot of emotions. There was only one moment i guess where he lost himself, but yeah im curious too what also he would sing. Ehdenos definitly have some potential.
  • Ash - holy shit eden i had no plans on listening to half of these but this is actually fucking amazing. i'm surprised. great job XD


Song: Mad World
Judges' Comments:

  • Richie - This was so melodic and easy to listen to. I absolutely loved this and was totally unsure whether it would be good or not at the start. Another lovely ORG Idol surprise!! :D Whether Gerda has the vocal skills to bring something more energetic to the table would be something I'd love to find out! I also love this song.


Song: Man In The Mirror
Judges' Comments:

  • Richie - I've heard Jerby sing before. So I knew he would give something good. But Oh. My. God. This was beyond any of my expectations! Matthew Fennessy and I once told Jerby he should do some Michael Jackson songs, and boy was that a good idea! Jerby nailed the WHOLE THING. I think I've found my early front-runner in the competition.
  • Ash - Holy fucking shit, Jerby. Stop being amazing. This is by far the best I've seen so far, he chose a great song for his abilities and it's just really pleasant to listen to. <3


Song: Video Games
Judges' Comments:

  • Richie - She pretty much has Lana Del Rey nailed! That "I'm a bit drunk but i'm gonna sing a song" kind of voice. I love it. She would have sounded great with the music playing. I think she could do pretty well!
  • Szymon - OMG RICHIE JHET IS A GUY XDDDDD But yeah, as much as i love Lana, as i didn't enjoy this song. Lana's songs makes sense with music in background, but his voice is cute and he can sing so much like like Lana's voice so he have potential, and i wonder how would he do with other songs, maybe next time with more energy.


Song: All of Me
Judges' Comments:

  • Richie - I anticipated this being awful (sorry!) but boy was I wrong. At times I feel like your voice is totally out of control and at any moment you're going to lose it and crack or just go flat. But every time I thought it was about to happen you brought it under tight control and pulled off some stunning notes. You have incredible range, especially in the high notes! I did not expect this at all and that's the best part about it! The feeling that at any moment you were going to mess up made listening to you so great, because you just kept pulling it off, right down the very end. It was seriously awesome.
  • Szymon - Oh shet he surpsied me the most so far.. in very good way. I got little bit scared with my first impression about song, and even if i can't understand some words, he sang it really enjoyable, and i guess really hard, and very big respect for kind of song i would never be able to sing like that.


Song: Ring of Fire
Judges' Comments:

  • Szymon - Wow, i woudnt' expect Kevin here. I really love music in this song.. But this song is so easy. Its basically couple of words that keep repeat all over the song.. And his voice smells so fake for this. Like you can feel its forced voice. Im not sure if he would be able to sing something better than this.
  • Richie - I agree with Szymon, Kevin chose a smart song for his voice. I don't particularly think he sounds fake, I just worry that he wouldn't be able to give us much variety. That said - his voice sounds very powerful, and it's hard to tell if he could maybe produce some good tunes if he softened it down a bit. Based on the performance of this song along, he is one of our better auditions - my concerns are more with how his future performances would stack up :).
  • Ash - I actually don't really like the choice of the song, his voice kind of sounds like he's just half singing, so it's gonna depend on how others sound on whether or not to keep him.


Song: Jar of Hearts
Judges' Comments:

  • Richie - WOOWZA!!! This was such a good audition - and amazing song choice because it gave us quite a lot of range and proves to us she isn't a one trick pony. She didn't need any backing music to make it clear she can sing (I feel some of the auditions were helped by having the music go with the voice). I feel like she didn't need to rely on that at all and that's very promising :)


Song: Elegantly Wasted
Judges' Comments:

  • Richie - YES! Matthew applied! And it wasn't totally awful :D. He actually picked a difficult song too, one that would take a lot of practice to perform well. So hats off to him for doing that. In all seriousness I think Matthew could actually sing pretty well if he put some time and effort into learning the song well and understanding when he can and can't make the required notes !!


Song: Skyscraper
Judges' Comments:

  • Richie - When he gave the little story at the start, I thought we were in a for a tear-jerking treat. Then he started singing. Much disappoint. This is the first one I could not finish.
  • Szymon - Okay... This "show" at start wasn't really necessary? I just wanted to close this after first seconds, but i have to admit that he isnt so bad in singing. Its just the song that was a bad choice for him. Very bad choice. It doesn't suond good because hes trying too hard, but Im pretty sure he would do much better in some other kind of song, and i would love to see him in other kind of song, it would be funny XD


Song: Human
Judges' Comments:


Song: Let It Go
Judges' Comments:

  • Richie - You have an unbelievable voice Sam! This was one of my favourite auditions and I'm sure we will see good things from you in this competition. :)
  • Ash - The song choice could've been a little better to fit his vocal abilities, but it's a really good job otherwise. :3


Song: Hero
Judges' Comments:

  • Richie - I was looking forward to hearing Ted the most. I secretly hoped he would sing Spanish! But Mr Iglesias will have to suffice. As soon as Ted started singing I was smiling, because his voice is so smooth and easy to listen to. He picked a very smart song choice for his voice, which is a complement, but also exposes the fact that I think his voice is quite limited in what it can pull off. As the song goes on, the lack of range that his voice displays makes me get a bit bored, and when he does attempt some of the more energetic moments in the song, he falls a bit flat and it comes off quite strange because he's maintained his constant, deep, smooth monotone for so long the sudden energy seems out of place. Overall I really enjoyed listening to Ted, but it will be interesting to see if he can show much range, both from one song to the next, and during the actual song.
  • Ash - Again, as Richie said, Ted's voice was very smooth throughout this, it was a good song choice for his abilities, and I definitely liked this one.


Song: Teenage Dream
Judges' Comments:

  • Richie - This wasn't that great. I think he held back. I got the feeling he was trying to sing quietly, and this made his voice seem weak to me. The song is usually being belted out by... (is it Katy Perry!?!?) and so this version, being sung so softly, just didn't do it for me. :/
  • Szymon - Omg i like this song, and im happy that Wes picked this one :3. Its not first time i hear his voice while singing, he put heart in this and do it really good and i know he can do even better. i really liked it, and his voice is made for singing
  • Ash - He definitely could've let out all his vocal abilities, like Richie said, it sounds like he was holding himself back, but it's he did a good job.


Contestant Song
Ahad "Pompeii"
Bailey "Demon"
Boo "Royals"
Chandni "Don't Rain on My Parade"
Charley "I'm Yours"
Eden "Wrecking Ball"
Gerda "Mad World"
Jerby "Man In The Mirror"
Jhet "Video Games"
Jordan "All of Me"
Kevin "Ring of Fire"
Marco "Jar of Hearts"
Matthew "Elegantly Wasted"
Nokomis "Skyscraper"
Perry "Human"
Sam "Let It Go"
Thaddeus "Hero"
Wesley "Teenage Dream"