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Bootcamp is the second episode of ORG X Factor.

Everyone who auditioned on the last episode advanced to the Bootcamp stage of the competition. All 18 hopefuls were given a music genre by the judges and they have to perform a song based on the genre that they were assigned with.



Song: One Love
Genre: Reggae
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - This song really showed off the uniqueness of your voice. I will say that sometimes the vibrato was a little too much and you weren't always on top of some of the notes. Towards the end where you sang "father of creation!" it seemed like you screamed it rather than singing it. Other than that it was an overall solid performance.
  • Jerby - You are still doing too much vibrato, however, I was able to overlook that because of that amazing harmonizing that you did. Doing a duet with yourself always impresses me because of the skill and effort it takes to do so. Your energy level, IMO, is the same as your first performance so please keep that up if you go through to the next round.
  • Marco - I heard this and started rocking out. You’ve improved so much from last week: you hit your pitches, you got the timing, and you got the emotion. My comments for you are that your words were hard to understand, but great job! I’m definitely going to be listening to this again.
  • Perry - As with last time your tone wavered, but your pitch was far less of a problem which was great to hear. I think your song choice was really good this go around, so good on you for knowing your strengths and weakness. Also special props for not rapping, even though we may have labelled you as 'the rapping one' last time. The energy was on par with last time. Overall a solid performance.


Song: Tears Dry On Their Own
Genre: R&B
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - I feel as if this performance was about on the same level as your audition. But it was obvious this song was more in your comfort zone. The major problem though is that you got behind the beat on the fast parts a lot. Overall though it was another solid performance.
  • Jerby - You struggled a bit in the non-chorus parts, which I guess was brought about how fast you needed to sing those parts. But the chorus for me was spot on. You seemed more comfortable singing this time around and I think that made this one a lot better. This was an improvement from your first performance.
  • Marco - Starting from the very beginning you swept me away. Your pitch is great, your timing is perfect, and your emotion is good. You have a rich voice that is amazing to listen to, and because I feel obliged to make a comment: your words can be hard to understand. BTW I like this range for you.
  • Perry - I'll start with: this was a large improvement on your last importance. This performance, you were clearly more comfortable and confident with singing, which is great. You did struggle a bit with the fast-paced parts, but the amount of improvement suggests that it's definitely something you can work on and fix. I enjoyed it a lot, thank you.


Song: Teenage Dream
Genre: Pop
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - For me this was much better than your audition. It started off a little iffy but once you hit the chorus, you sounded good. There were a few parts where it seemed like you were pushing too much but overall a good performance.
  • Jerby - This is a very fun performance because you were having fun singing it. There were some parts that were pitchy but with more practice, I think that can be remedied. You should learn breathing control because you sounded out of breath at the end there. I like the fact that you tweaked the arrangement and delivery of some lines a tinsy bit and that made this song more Andrew than Katy Perry.
  • Marco - You hit the notes, but you ended them quickly or slid flat on some. You seemed like you were forcing your voice to come, and you sounded like you had a slight cold. I’d try to sing more clearly in the future, but your timing was good, as were you inflictions and emotions. I like this range for you.
  • Perry - As with your first performance, it was clear that you had a lot of fun with this performance, which is just awesome. Keep that spirit! Also with your first one, you did struggle with pitch in this performance. I'm not sure if it's a song choice issue or maybe you just need more practice? That said, effort and fun are important elements of the game, and I can assure you that if you're not having fun, you will not win. Keep the energy, and maybe practice a bit. Thanks!


Song: With You
Genre: R&B
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - R&B turned out to be a great genre for you. This was a really good performance. There were a few pitchy places and I feel like the beginning was better than the end. I could tell there was a part where you got behind and missed something but I'm glad you recovered from it. Overall a good performance.
  • Jerby - Did you choose this because you wanted to sing to Judge Boo? I kid, I kid. You were hitting the notes properly and I see a lot of potential. My only problem with this performance is that the instrumental background that you used is a different key as the one you were singing this song. That's fine tho. Me or the other judges or hosts might be able to help you lower the pitch next time. You also kinda stumbled a bit in the end. Other than that, I think this was a safe performance.
  • Marco - You started on the right pitch, but you fell flat at points. Your voice is very rich though, and your timing was awesome. I think this was a good range and style for you. Your kept getting back to the right notes when you fell off of them, so I suggest you just re-listen to your tracks so you can pinpoint the points where you fall flat.
  • Perry - Your general technique and performance were good. What was odd was that you sounded like you kept pitch with yourself, but your soundtrack was somewhere else? Again, not certain how that came about, but if it's an availability problem (you couldn't find the right track) one of the hosts can probably help you with that. At the beginning of the song, your energy was lower than I would've liked to see, but it grew to a good level by the end. So lots of good things, and lots of things to work on. It looks, like you worked for this one, so good luck to you!


Song: Fight For Your Right (To Party)
Genre: Rock
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - There isn't really much I can say about this performance. I feel like most of the time you weren't really singing and just kind of speaking the words. I just don't think this was the right song for you.
  • Jerby - Is it me or you kinda sound like Eden when you were talking? Anyway, this was a huge difference from your first performance because it is evident that you are taking this performance more seriously but not as serious as the other contestants. You got a shot at this so I suggest that you want it more!
  • Marco - You spoke much of the song. You got the timing correct, and you got into the emotion of the song. I’d focus on singing pitches in the future, because you have the rest of the foundation.
  • Perry - My largest concern with this performance was that you seemed to be speak singing for at least the majority of the song. Maybe it was just song choice, but I feel that the effort and energy weren't as high as they need to be. I start every morning with a tall glass of OJ and a bowl of [insert brand name here]. No but really. If you're clearly having fun, we're far more likely to consider you, so go have fun! Also what was with the feet? 0_0 <---- the face of a man who has seen too much


Song: Long Tall Sally
Genre: Blues
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - You defiantly know how to pick good songs for yourself and I think you are really good at staying on beat. The only thing I can say is that on some of the higher notes they didn't seem to come out naturally and it seemed like you tried a bit too hard on those few notes. Other than that this was a fun and good performance.
  • Jerby - I'm shocked! My jaw was wide open throughout this song because I was under the impression that you are more accustomed to broadway type songs but you singing blues is as fantastic as the first performance that you did. Usually, I also look for a flaw in a performance but this was just perfect in my opinion. I guess all I can say is keep up the good work!
  • Marco - Great song choice! I think this range really worked for it. Your tone was a little bit nasally, but it sounded deliberate for the song. You hit the pitches, and I couldn’t found anything off about the timing. I usually don’t even like this style, but I would definitely listen to this song again.
  • Perry - This performance may not have been as strong as your last performance, but it was still quite good, especially considering: we made you guys do specific genres. You struggled a little bit with the high riff-y thingies (?). HINT: this is where you know I'm qualified. Honestly, I'm not worried about you for now. Carry on; it sound like you're having a lot of fun and that's what it's all about. Overall a strong performance, no complaints.


Song: Eclipse (All Yours)
Genre: Indie Rock
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - I liked this performance more than your audition. Your soft tone shined but there were a few parts on the high notes where you seemed to struggle. The last few notes that you held were really good. Overall this was a pretty good performance.
  • Jerby - This was a very risky song because of all the high notes that you needed to hit... But it paid off! You kinda sounded muffled but I think that was because of the mic but other than that, this is a strong performance. Keep it up.
  • Marco - Your pitch is great, as is your timing, but I found it hard to understand you. Your voice was a little bit airy at points, and your microphone didn’t do you any favors, but spectacular job regardless. It was very well done.
  • Perry - This performance was quite good. The song choice was good, and was a good choice for your voice in particular. Your high notes were very pretty, and your technique was good as well, even through the high notes. My only complaint is you might've been a little close to your microphone or something (all good). Awesome job, and good luck. An improvement for sure.


Song: Let me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)
Genre: Pop
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - It started off okay but when you hit the first chorus you really struggled. Then you hit the next verse and you were okay again. There was one note that you hit that was pretty good in the middle. Then the chorus returned and you didn't do as bad as the first time but it was still iffy. I think most of this is because of song choice.
  • Jerby - Another risky song because of the sudden change in ranges. Unfortunately, you struggled so much especially during the chorus part. It was very pitchy. I know you can do better and I just hope that this performance won't lead to your elimination.
  • Marco - You went a little bit faster than the track at times, but you had good timing most of the time. You started out shaky on the high notes, a trend that continued without, but you also continued to hit them, showing that you can hit them if you focus, pay attention, and warm up. Your power was good, as was your pitch.
  • Perry - You had some pitch issues, that I'm probably going to blame on your song choice. Ne-Yo (he says hoping he is somewhat tuned in to pop culture) has a really high range. Unfortunately, a lot of pop singers (especially male pop singers) have really high ranges. I have a low voice: I empathize with you. Your pitch isn't bad, and neither is your technique, I would just encourage you to make sure in the future that your voice matches your song. Good luck!


Song: Back To December
Genre: Country
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - This was an interesting song choice. You were okay throughout the song but pitchy in some places. Overall it was an average performance.
  • Jerby - I'm glad you listened to our advise and got rid of the guitar. You were spot on except during the long notes because you struggled with those. I have to commend your breathing control with the continuous lyrics during the chorus. Overall, I would say that this was a safe performance.
  • Marco - You floated in and out of the key at the beginning, but when you had the right notes it was beautiful. You fixed this problem by the end of the first verse, but it resurfaced during the bridge. You had emotion, and you timing was good except during the last chorus, where it was only a little bit off. I like this range for you. I think your voice sounded a bit clogged, like you had a cold, but that can be solved by warming up. I got chills in the slow chorus.
  • Perry - Oh you're the poor sap they gave country. *hands cookie* there there. No, but this wasn't bad. I'm glad you took our suggestion on not using the guitar for now; I think it helped. The chorus in particular was strong, and your rhythm was strong. I also think the performance improved greatly as you continued, which indicates (he says adjusting his glasses) that your struggles are probably a confidence issue or something like that. A huge improvement, keep it up!


Song: At Last
Genre: Jazz
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - I wanna start by saying I was hoping someone would do Etta James because when we gave people this genre it's exactly what I was thinking of in my mind. This was such a great performance. You defiantly did the song justice. Your voice is smooth and it's obvious singing comes naturally to you.
  • Jerby - When you hit that first high note, I told myself to stop... Because I already want you to go to the next round! I still listened to the whole thing tho just to enjoy this awesome performance. You're truly gifted and I can't wait for your next song!
  • Marco - Woah. Your power and control during the entire thing was astounding. Your pitch and subtle changes in tone were amazing. The timing was perfect. I really like this style and range for you. I really like your song choice. My only suggestion, as I am obligated as a judge to make feedback both positive and productive, is to annunciate slightly better; you can be hard to understand at times.
  • Perry - I think you really took your assigned genre to heart, and did it as well as you could. And you did great, congratulations. You had a great energy that matched the song. The performance moved/went somewhere and it was technically well done. So well done, I'm not worried about you. Good luck!


Song: Nine Million Bicycles
Genre: Blues
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - I don't think this was better than your audition. It sounded like on the high notes you struggled but seemed pretty comfortable with the rest of the notes throughout the song. It was a solid performance.
  • Jerby - You are a good singer but my only problem is that you sing very soft. Bring a lot more strength especially during the chorus parts because the instrumental background is overpowering your voice. I see a lot of potential in your voice and I want you to wow us all with it!
  • Marco - First question: Why would you need nine billion bicycles? Second, you were very soft and sweet. It was endearing but slightly airy. Your pitches and odd tone shifts were very well done. You worked with the background track quite well, and I approve of your song choice; it seemed to really fit your range.
  • Perry - Well you certainly win for most "out there" song title. It was a good performance. I think you know what you're good at, and you picked a song you knew you could do. Your pitch was good, and the technique was good. Further along, however, you may have to perform other kinds of songs, so be ready! Awesome job.


Song: Footworkin'
Genre: R&B
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - You defiantly brought the energy. The song called for fast pace singing and I think you did good with that. The vocals were pitchy in a few places but overall this was another solid performance.
  • Jerby - Let me start with the bad news. You had some problems hitting some of the high notes and you sounded a bit pitchy. That was overshadowed tho by your ability to sing words in a very fast pace. I love the energy that you brought as well because this song required that.
  • Marco - I couldn’t make out half the words, but it was totally awesome. You hit your notes, everything seemed deliberate. Even your spoken sections were well done. You timing was on point. Your recording was a little bit fuzzy, but I’m assuming that’s because of your equipment. Your range is impressive, and I hope to see more of it. I loved it when you did rapid note changes because you hit it.
  • Perry - Your last performance, was very different, and you proved you had good pitch. So that's good. I think the R&B genre didn't lend itself to your strengths, but you still did a good job. Generally, in R&B, the notes are less important and the energy combined with the rhythm are the more important parts. Your pitch was ok, and your rhythm and technique were good. But my favorite part of your performance was your attitude and your energy, it made the performance enjoyable and fun. Congrats, I enjoyed it a lot!


Song: Wherever You Will Go
Genre: Rock
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - Good guitar playing again but still some iffy vocals. Your lower register wasn't that good but when you hit the chorus it was better. I think you need to work on vocal control.
  • Jerby - First of all, stop apologizing for your performance. I don't know if it's a strategy or something but it's annoying me. About your performance, it was pretty much safe. It wasn't bad but it wasn't that stellar. This is a rock ballad so you didn't have to forcefully sing it. I suggest listening to the original version first, study how it's being sang and tweak it a bit with your own style.
  • Marco - You hit all of your pitches. Your voice was a little bit nasally in the lower range , so I suggest you try to use more breath, but when you sang in the higher ranges it was mildly stunning. I like the higher range for you, and you hit all the notes well. If you could get the same infliction you use for your higher range in you lower range you’d be golden. Your timing was good as well, and impressive use of guitar.
  • Perry - Your tone and technique were good, and your performance was safe and solid. That said, I think in the future, you should work on softening your tone, if that makes sense D: Overall you did a good job, and I'm not worried about you for now. But you have some specifics work to do later on.


Song: Little Lion Man
Genre: Indie Rock
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - I had to turn the volume up a lot to hear you. The performance was okay, it wasn't bad but it wasn't spectacular either. If you continue on in the competition you need to sing louder.
  • Jerby - "Please start Many-Cam" >.>'... Anyhoo... what happened?!?!? It's like you and Caleb switched styles this round! I can barely hear you and it felt like you weren't trying as hard as last time. I am worried for you because I see a lot of potential in you and your voice but from a good performance last time to this one, I can't hide the fact that I'm disappointed.. :/
  • Marco - Your pitches were in key but a little bit wonky at times. I had a hard time hearing you at points, and I don’t think you supported your singing with breath enough. You were hard to understand at times, but that relates to the previous statement.
  • Perry - SING LOUDER :D It'll make it so much easier to assess you, and understand how much you have to offer. I really want to see you go further in the competition, because you were awesome last time and it'd be awesome to hear more awesome (obvi). What I could hear of this sounded good! SO KICK IT THE FUCK UP TO THE NEXT NOTCH HELLA STRONG. I'm sure you can do it, so get it gurl!


Song: No Submission
Genre: Soul
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - I'm upset that you didn't submit because I know you can sing.
  • Jerby - Why u pull a Tadeo and no submit? ;-;
  • Marco -
  • Perry - BABY COME BACK Oh you know he done opened a WHOLE 'nother level when the picture with big bold white words with black outline (probably in arial) be comin out


Song: Riptide
Genre: Country
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - You picked a good song for you and were able to show off your singing ability by holding notes. Of course there were some parts that could use some improvement but overall a good performance.
  • Jerby - You started this song strong and the "ooh" part was so nice. However, when the chorus hit, you stumbled with the words and I think that threw you off. You were able to recover during the last part tho but I would really prefer performances that our consistent. I think you should practice the song more before making your final edit. I know you can do it and I want you to make our jaws drop again just like last time.
  • Marco - Some of your pitches fell flat and your voice was tentative, but your voice was rich. The range sounded uncomfortable for you, of course only you can know what it feels like, but think about this. You had great timing, and I think you really got the spirit of the song in your cover. You got a lot more confident in the bridge, and that really helped. If you take one comment, check your pitches.
  • Perry - Another good performance! Your pitch and technique were good, and your song choice was good for your style. If I could give you SOMETHING to improve on (since I'm supposed to help you improve) you could play around with cutting the song up in the editing process to give yourself more time to breath. (idk whatever works). Your mood in this song also seemed a bit melancholic (holy cheeseballs, a 4 syllable word), but it matched the song so that's not a concern. Congrats and good luck!


Song: Livin' On A Prayer
Genre: Rock
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - The runs you added on some of the notes were really good. You struggled on some of the notes on the chorus and the ending few parts were not that good. But overall a solid performance.
  • Jerby - Very gutsy for choosing this song. I only sing this song when I'm very drunk because of all the falsetto that the chorus requires. You did struggle on those. The end part tho... Why did u do that? :/ In any case, I would like to point out tho that this was a huge improvement from last time.
  • Marco - Wow, you glide from note to note really well. Your slight trills are pretty impressive. Sometimes you fell flat, but that happens to a lot of people. You were a little bit airy sometimes, and you weren’t very powerful in the higher range.
  • Perry - He hath not heeded my warning about A Capella! Thou hast rolled the dice of fate, and cast thine fate into the pit of another king's clutches! Anyway, the performance itself wasn't bad. Your pitch and pace were pretty good, especially considering you did it A Capella. That said, you did struggle with the high notes. That might be a result of song choice or it could be a technique thing. I suggest you try to either work it out, or select song that more closely follow your personal style. Good luck, and congrats!


Song: Lovers & Liars
Genre: Country
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - I will have to agree with Jerby on this one, this was a pretty safe performance. It didn't have any wow factor but I do think it was better than your audition.
  • Jerby - Yes, Wesley! The volume and strength is much better this time. It's a shame that this didn't have an instrumental because I think it would have been better with that. It is a safe performance but it does show that you can improve and I will take that into account.
  • Marco - You seemed sort of uncertain in your singing at first, but your voice grew steadier quickly. Sometimes your pitches seemed sort of wonky, but it was hard to tell as you sang a cappella. However, it was absolutely beautiful. Your tone was very emotional, and I’m not sure if I was supposed to shiver, but I did.
  • Perry - Much improvement on the energy and strength. Your pitch and rhythm were good, considering you were doing the song A Capella. But if possible, I strongly recommend a soundtrack. But I do remember you having issues with that stuff, so we'll try to get on that. Clearly, you made an effort to improve, which we greatly appreciate! Awesome job, good luck.


Contestant Assigned Genre/Artist Song Result
AJ Reggae One Love Advanced
Alf R&B Tears Dry On Their Own Advanced
Andrew Pop Teenage Dream Eliminated
Austin R&B With You Advanced
Caleb Rock Fight For Your Right (To Party) Eliminated
Dennis Blues Long Tall Sally Advanced
Gerda Indie Rock Eclipse (All Yours) Advanced
Jay Pop Let me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself) Eliminated
Jino Country Back To December Advanced
Lindsay Jazz At Last Advanced
Minke Blues Nine Million Bicycles Advanced
Natalie R&B Footworkin' Advanced
Norbert Rock Wherever You Will Go Advanced
Purry Indie Rock Little Lion Man Eliminated
Richie Soul No Submission Eliminated
Taylor Country Riptide Advanced
Tyler Rock Livin' On A Prayer Advanced
Wesley Country Lovers & Liars Eliminated

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