Gerda Parkja
Age 26
Hometown Tallinn, Estonia
Nationality Estonia
Occupation Student


Placement 13th
Song(s) Performed 3
Final Week London Week (Part 2)


Placement TBA
Mentor Marco
Song(s) Performed TBA
Final Week TBA

Gerda Parkja is a semi-finalist of ORG Idol and a finalist of ORG X Factor.


Favorite musical artist: Adam Lambert. Because he is both a really amazing singer and an amazing person. I also really love Lorde and Enya and Robyn and Josh Groban and Robbie Williams.
Favorite song: I don't really have just one favorite. I have several such as "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane, "Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse, "Glory and Gore" by Lorde, "Girl and the Robot" by Röyksopp and Robyn etc.
Musical influence: Amy Winehouse, Robyn, Robbie Williams, Enya, Keane, Coldplay etc
Formal training: I've been singing ever since I was a little girl. Been member of like 12 different choirs. I've also studied in a singing school for two years, gone to several singing festivals and have taken part in several singing competitions prior to this one.
Reason for being in ORG Idol: To sing the best I can and above all, to have fun.

ORG IdolEdit

Performances and ResultsEdit

Episode Song Choice
1 Mad World
2 Shes Madonna
3 Everything I Wanted

ORG X FactorEdit

Performances and ResultsEdit

Episode Song Choice Result


  • Gerda is the first contestant to be a semi-finalist in a previous season and then become a finalist in the next one.
  • Gerda is the oldest finalist of ORG X Factor.