Matthew Fennessy
Age 26
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Nationality USA
Occupation Criminal Justice Student


Placement 7th Place
Song(s) Performed 9
Final Week "Freedom" Week

Matthew Fennessy is a finalist on ORG Idol.


Favorite musical artist: Michael Jackson, Prince, INXS, U2.
Favorite song: I don't have one.
Musical influence: Michael Hutchence
Formal training:  My shower.
Reason for being in ORG Idol: For the money.

ORG IdolEdit

Performances and ResultsEdit

Episode Song Choice Result
1 Elegantly Wasted Advanced
2 Baby, Baby Don't Waste My Time Advanced
3 Glory and Gore
4 Burn This Disco Out Safe
5 Too Funky & Cantaloop Bottom 2
6 Wonderwall Bottom 2
7 Lady Marmalade Safe
8 Eye to Eye (I-2-I) Bottom 3
9 Not Enough Time Eliminated


  • Matthew, together with Jerby, hold the record for most times put in the bottom with 3.