ORG Idol
Filming Location London, United Kingdom
Season Run April 5, 2014 - September 1, 2014
Winner Jerby Bernal
Runner(s)-up Marco Eperson
Opening Sequence
ORG Idol Opening Sequence00:33

ORG Idol Opening Sequence

Series Chronology
Next Season ORG Idol 2

ORG Idol is a Facebook ORG which is a spin-off of Survivor Wiki's Online Reality Game (ORG), Survivor: Wikia! It is a singing competition that features contestants from the Survivor ORG community. Furthermore, this is the first season of the ORG Idol Wikia.


  • Twelve Finalists: The twelve contestants that will pass the audition process as well as London Week will advance to the Finals.
  • Weekly Themes: Every week, a different theme will be assigned to the finalists, which will be the basis of them choosing the song that they will be performing.
  • Bottom 3: The judges will determine the three finalists who they believe weren't able to deliver strong performances and then are subjected to the public vote.
  • Public Vote: The public or the audience will vote for the person(s) in the Bottom 3 who they think should still stay in the competition. The person with the least amount of votes will then be eliminated.
  • Automatic Elimination: Failure to submit a performance will automatically eliminate the contestant from the competition.
  • Double Elimination: At one point during the competition, two finalists will be eliminated at the same week. During this time, instead of the usual Bottom 3, it will become a Bottom 4 with the two finalists garnering the least amount of votes from the public getting eliminated from the competition.
  • Guest Judges: Certain personalities will be asked to fill in as a guest judge in the event that one of the main judges is unable to fulfill their responsibilities.



HostJordan HostRichie HostAlfons
Episode 11-13
Episode 8-10
Episode 1-7


HostSzymon HostJordan HostZach HostRichie HostAsh
Episode 1-13
Episode 11-13
Episode 11-13
Episode 1-10
Episode 1-8

Guest JudgesEdit

HostJordan HostZach
Episode 9
Episode 10



Contestants Nationality Finish
Chandni Raithatha
14, Jersey City, NJ, USA
USA Quit
12th Place
MJ Week
Sam Cancanpiano
13, Mountain View, CA, USA
USA 1st Eliminated
11th Place
Medley Week
Kevin Williams
23, Clinton, MO, USA
USA 2nd Eliminated
10th Place
Indie Rock Week
Jhet Odollam
??, Seattle, WA, USA
USA 3rd Eliminated
9th Place
Team Week
Jordan Bassham
18, Katy, TX, USA
USA 4th Eliminated
8th Place
Disney Week
Matthew Fennessy
26, Los Angeles, CA, USA
USA 5th Eliminated
7th Place
"Freedom" Week
Charley Dee
18, Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada 6th Eliminated
6th Place
"Freedom" Week
Eden Dorra
14, Sydney, Australia
Australia 7th Eliminated
5th Place
Katy Perry Week
Alex Perry
15, Boston, MA, USA
USA 8th Eliminated
4th Place
Take Two Week
Zanna Boo
15, USA
USA 9th Eliminated
3rd Place
Final 3 Week
Marco Eperson
14, Boston, MA, USA
USA Runner-Up
2nd Place
ORG Idol Finale
S1Jerby Jerby Bernal
27, Pangasinan, Philippines
Philippines Winner
1st Place
ORG Idol Finale


Gerda Bailey Nokomis Ahad Thaddeus Wesley
13th Place 14th Place 15th Place 16th Place 17th Place 18th Place

Episode GuideEdit

Episode Bottom Votes Status
1 "Auditions" None
2 "London Week" (Part 1) Wesley Eliminated
3 "London Week" (Part 2) Nokomis
4 "Michael Jackson Week" Chandni - Quit
5 "Medley Week" Jordan 80% Safe
Matthew 20% Safe
Sam 0% Eliminated
6 "Indie Rock Week" Jordan 41% Safe
Matthew 32% Safe
Kevin 27% Eliminated
7 "Team Week" Jhet - Eliminated
8 "Disney Week" Eden 38% Safe
Matthew 38% Safe
Jordan 25% Eliminated
9 "'Freedom' Week" Boo 33% Safe
Perry 30% Safe
Charley 28% Eliminated
Matthew 9% Eliminated
10 "Katy Perry Week" Perry 44% Safe
Jerby 39% Safe
Eden 17% Eliminated
11 "Take Two Week" Jerby 55% Safe
Perry 45% Eliminated
12 "Final 3 Week" Jerby 53% Safe
Boo 47% Eliminated
13 "ORG Idol Finale" Jerby 70% Winner
Marco 30% Runner-Up

Elimination ChartEdit

Stage: Auditions Semi-Finals Finals
Episode: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Place Contestant Results
1st Jerby Advance Top 12 Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 2 Bottom 2 Bottom 2 Winner
2nd Marco Advance Top 12 Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
3rd Zanna Advance Top 12 Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 4 Safe Safe Elim
4th Perry Advance Top 12 Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Elim
5th Eden Advance Top 12 Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 3 Safe Elim
6th Charley Advance Top 12 Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
7th Matthew Advance Top 12 Safe Bottom 2 Bottom 2 Safe Bottom 3
8th Jordan Advance Top 12 Safe Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Safe Elim
9th Jhet Advance Top 12 Safe Safe Safe Elim
10th Kevin Advance Top 12 Safe Safe Elim
11th Sam Advance Top 12 Safe Elim
12th Chandni Advance Top 12 Quit
13th Gerda Advance Elim
14th Bailey Advance Elim
15th Nokomis Advance Elim
16th Ahad Advance Elim
17th Thaddeus Advance Elim
18th Wesley Advance Elim



ORG Idol Facebook Group

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